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Land snails

Although there are several species of land snails, people unquestionably breed and eat the snails that are found in their own country. The only thing that these different snails share in common is the fact that they are all of the family Helicidae.

The land snail is a gastronomic delicacy in many countries of Europe including France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, among others. Snails have a higher content in protein than oysters and twice the amount of mineral salts than those found in beef and poultry. These mineral salts – calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine and vitamin C - make snails a very nutritious and complete foodstuff.

Our products are of an excellent quality. Not only do we select our snails carefully by type and species, but we also select and classify them according to their region of origin in order to obtain a balanced product with an exquisite flavour that makes them unique in the market.
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